Premium Value Wood Buildings

Features:  Treated 2x6 floor joists, OSB Flooring, Treated 5/8" T1-11 Siding (Stained)

Continuous Piano Hinge on Door, 24" OC Walls & Rafters (Double wall studs every 4'), Dual 

Gable Vents, 6' 4" Side Walls, 20 Year Shingle Roof or 29 Gauge Metal Roof.

          Storage Buildings

                       "we will not be undersold"

~Lowest Priced Wood, Vinyl, and Metal Storage Buildings!

~Purchase Outright or Rent to Own with No Credit Check!

~Many Available Options!

~Free Delivery within 30 Miles of the Orangeburg & West Columbia locations 

PriceRent to Own (60 months)
8x8$1849+ tax$76.43/month+ tax
8x12$2049+ tax$83.84/month+ tax
10x12$2499+ tax$100.51/month+ tax
10x16$2899+ tax
$115.32/month+ tax
10x20$3499+ tax
$137.54/month+ tax
12x16$3499+ tax
$137.54/month+ tax
12x20$3949+ tax
$154.21/month+ tax
12x24$4549+ tax
$176.43/month+ tax

Storage Building Options

Premium Value Building with End Door 

 Super-Saver w/ Garage Door (Unpainted)

​Super-Saver w/ Metal Roof, Side Door, 2 Windows (Painted)

PriceRent to Own (60 months)
8x8$2449+ tax$98.65/month+ tax
8x12$2799+ tax$111.62/month+ tax
10x12$3349+ tax$131.99/month+ tax
10x16$3849+ tax
$150.51/month+ tax
10x20$4249+ tax
$165.32/month+ tax
12x16$4249+ tax
$165.32/month+ tax
12x20$4899+ tax
$189.39/month+ tax
12x24$5499+ tax
$211.62/month+ tax

3139 Magnolia St Orangeburg, SC 29115

​803-533-0303 (Orangeburg)

3113 Augusta Rd. West Columbia, 29170

803-796-3053 (West Columbia)

PriceRent to Own (60 months)
8x8$1449+ tax$61.62/month+ tax
8x12$1649+ tax$69.02/month+ tax
10x12$1949+ tax$80.14/month+ tax
10x16$2249+ tax
$91.25/month+ tax
10x20$2699+ tax
$107.91/month+ tax
12x16$2649+ tax
$106.06/month+ tax
12x20$3149+ tax
$124.58/month+ tax
12x24$3699+ tax
$144.95/month+ tax

 Rent to Own payment         plans are available for

 24, 36, 48, & 60 months!

Custom Buildings & Playhouses

             (please call 803-533-0303 for pricing)

   Super-Saver w/ Side Door & 2 Windows (Unpainted)

      Super-Saver Building (Painted)

      Vinyl Buildings

Treated 2x6 Floor Joists, OSB or Plywood Flooring, 24" OC Walls & Rafters, 6' 4" Side Walls, 20 Year Shingle Roof, Wrapped Overhang & Eaves.

    Please Call for any Additional Options & Pricing


UpgradeAdditional Charge

6' Double Barn Door$150
7' Garage Door$450
3' Raised Panel Steel Door$300
3' Half Glass Steel Door$400
24"x27" Aluminum Window$99
24" Wall Cabinets$55
36" Wall Cabinets$80
Wired for Electricity$150
12" Shelf$3 (per linear foot)
24" Workbench$5 (per linear foot)
Standard Loft $2.50 (per square foot)
Heavy Duty Loft$4 (per square foot)
In-stock Architectural Shingles$.75 (additional cost per square foot)
10' Ridge Vent $99
Shutters$50 (per pair)
Flower Box $40
AC Cutout$25
PaintStarting at $189 (for 8x8 building)
4' Ramp


6' Ramp$150

​Vinyl Building w/ House Door

         Super-Saver (Painted)

PriceRent to Own (60 months)
8x8$2099+ tax$85.69/month+ tax
$2349+ tax$94.95/month+ tax
10x12$2599+ tax$104.21/month+ tax
10x16$2999+ tax
$119.02/month+ tax
10x20$3599+ tax
$141.25/month+ tax
12x16$3599+ tax
$141.25/month+ tax
12x20$4199+ tax
$163.47/month+ tax
12x24$4749+ tax
$183.84/month+ tax

      Metal Buildings

​Treated 2x6 Floor Joists, OSB Flooring, 24" OC Walls & Rafters, 6' 4" Side Walls, OSB Sheathing on Walls & Roof (under metal), 29 Gauage Metal Roof.

         Super-Saver Wood Buildings

Features:  Treated 2x6 floor joists, OSB Flooring, Textured Lap Siding (Primed), Shingle Roof, Continuous Piano Hinge on door, Dual Gable Vents, 24" OC Walls & Rafters