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  1. Will my building require a permit?

It is solely the customer's responsibility to check with local departments regarding any potential permits and setbacks.  If a permit is required, the customer must let Columbia Utility Buildings know prior to the beginning of building construction.  As each jurisdiction may have different requirements, we are happy to meet required specifications, however, there may be additional charges to the customer that coincide with costs associated with meeting those requirements.  Permit fees are solely the financial responsibility of the customer.  

      2.  How do you deliver buildings?

We will deliver your building on a rollback truck, or truck & trailer.  We also have a piece of equipment called a "mule" that can be used to help position your building.  Delivery (up to 50 miles from the Orangeburg location) and Setup, are included in the price of your building.  If your building requires the use of the mule for setup, then there is an additional charge that will be explained to you during the purchase of your building.  The sales associate will also explain all of the requirements for clear and unobstructed access to the delivery site, as well as fees that will be assessed if clear and free access is not met during the delivery of your building.   

      3.  Do your buildings meet code for residential dwellings?

While we take pride in constructing very sturdy buildings, these buildings are intended to serve as storage, offices, recreation, etc.  They are not designed to meet every residential building code, thus they are not constructed to be permanent dwellings.  

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